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Cooking Lessons In the Comfort of Your Own Home

Learn to cook around your own schedule.  We work with new chefs to experienced chefs and teach you how to make healthy and gourmet food in your own kitchen. 

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Group Cooking Lessons in Your Kitchen

Entertaining a few friends?  Our group package gives you the enjoyment of a group cooking class in your home.  It's great for families too!

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Virtual Cooking Instructions

Learn to cook anywhere and anytime with our virtual library of recipes.  Work one-on-one with a live streaming chef or learn to cook with videos and recipes at your own pace.

"I never had time to learn cooking and was spending too much money eating out.  With Cooking Lessons From Home™ I learned to shop,  the cooking basics, and now I'm working on some impressive gourmet meals."

Ariadne Oliver New Mother of Three

"I had just set up a dinner date at home and I realized I can't cook a thing.  The chef at Cooking Lessons From Home came in and taught me how to build an impressive gourmet meal.  I am now passionate about cooking and really impressing the ladies!
Cooking Lessons At Home

Ricky Bobby Bachelor

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